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  1. Why is the heating oil price on the web site different from the price advertised in the newspaper?
    Heating oil prices are given to the newspapers in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas only once per week. The web site always reflects up-to-the-minute heating oil pricing.
  2. My card was charged before the heating oil delivery was made. Why was this done?
    Unless you are ordering a specific amount of heating oil, we do not actually charge the account until the oil delivery is made. We put a reserve on the account to ensure that there are sufficient funds available for the heating oil delivery. Once the oil delivery is made the reserve is removed and the actual charge is applied.
  3. How much of a reserve is placed on my credit card account when I order heating oil?
    It depends on how much heating oil you order and the size of your oil tank. If you request that the oil tank be filled, we multiply the oil tank size by the price for that day. Otherwise it is the number of gallons ordered multiplied by the appropriate heating oil price for the day.
  4. I want to pay the driver cash but I cannot stay home to wait for the heating oil delivery. What can I do?
    If you elect to pay cash, someone must be home when the oil delivery driver arrives. You may want to leave a note to see the neighbor or have someone else wait there. The oil delivery driver usually will not be able to return the same day and there is a re-delivery charge if he does.
  5. I noticed the fuel oil price dropped after I placed my order. Can I have the fuel oil at the lower price?
    Fuel oil prices are set at the time you place you order not when the fuel oil is delivered. You wouldn't want us to raise the price if it went up after you placed your order, would you?
  6. How do I cancel my automatic oil deliveries?
    You must inform us, in writing, that you wish to be removed from automatic oil delivery.
  7. I lost my password, how do I retrieve it?
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